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Do I qualify for financial aid?

In order to determine if you qualify for financial aid, which includes both grants and loans, you must complete a FAFSA.  This is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  The results of the FAFSA will tell us if you qualify for a Federal Pell Grant and/or Direct Loans.

How often do I have to complete a FAFSA

Once a year.  The award year starts July 1 and goes through June 30.

Is the FAFSA the only document I need to complete for the financial aid process?

No.  There are other documents that you will need to complete to process your financial aid.  They include:  the Master Application Form, Master Promissory Note (also known as the Student Loan Application), Entrance Counseling, and some applicants are selected for Verification.  In this instance, students will need to complete a Verification Form.

Can I transfer my financial aid to CCR from my previous school?

No, financial aid does not actually transfer from one school to another.  Financial aid eligibility is determined and based on the program you are enrolled in.  When you leave one school, your financial aid is terminated.  When you enroll in a new program, that new school will determine your eligibility for that program at your new school. You have to apply for financial aid through the College of Court Reporting.  You can add our school code to your existing FAFSA.  Our school code is 026158.

How much can I borrow through the Direct Loan Program?

CCR does not require students to borrow student loans, but will provide information regarding estimated eligibility if the student chooses to utilize the loans to assist with paying for their cost of education.  It is up to the student to determine if they want to use students loans.

A first year dependent student can borrow up to $5500; and second year dependent student can borrow up to $6500; and a third year student can borrow up to $7500.  The aggregate loan limit for a dependent student is $31,000.

A first-year independent student can borrow up to $9500 for the first two semesters; a second-year independent student may borrow up to $10,500; and a third year independent student can borrow up to $12,500.  The aggregate limit for independent undergraduate students is $57,500.

If I qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, do I have to pay this money back and is there a limit to Pell?

A Federal Pell Grant is money the government gives you that you do not have to pay back.  The maximum Pell Grant eligibility for one year can be found on the U.S. Department of Education's Website using the following link:  https://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/types/grants/pell.   There will be a life time limit of 600 percent for Pell Grant recipients.

Can I borrow extra money for books, technology fee, software, and steno machine?

Yes.  We will discuss that on an individual basis with each student.  CCR strongly encourages students to borrow wisely and only what they need for educational expenses.

Does CCR offer scholarships, state grants, and/or private loans?

We do not offer scholarships, state grants, or private loans.  But, we do notify students of scholarship opportunities as we become aware of them in our monthly newsletter and our Community of Interest site.

How is my financial aid disbursed to me?

All funds, including grants and loans, are sent to the school.  We post your financial aid to your account.  At any time there is a credit balance on your account, we will electronically send the money to the bank account that you list on your financial aid paperwork.  Most funds are disbursed the third week of each semester.  This may vary based on specific financial aid processing.

How many credit hours do I need to be enrolled in in order to qualify for financial aid and/or an In-school Deferment?

Six credit hours, which is considered a part-time status. To download an In-School Deferment form, click the following link: In-school Deferment Form.

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