There are three independent servers for our ev360 Educational Solutions courses and software.  Please make sure you are using the correct website addrdess for the site you are wanting to log into.  If you have an account on more than one of these servers, your username and password may be different.  If you are on the wrong server and request a password reset, you will not receive the proper email for your reset.  We are working on migrating all three servers into one central location.  Thank you for your patience during this migration process.

ev360 Academic Courses Login

Log in link for academic courses is: http://www.ev360pro.ccr.edu/moodle_AC/login/index.php

ev360 Skill Development Courses Login

Log in link for skill development courses is: http://www.ev360pro.ccr.edu/moodle_23/login/index.php

ev360 Ultimate Login

Log in link for academic courses is: http://www.ev360ultimate.com/


College News

  • julie captioning

    Voice Tip of the Day - 05-14-2016

    VOICE TIP OF THE DAY Saturday, May 14th, 2016: The software we use to recognize our voice, Dragon® NaturallySpeaking, is very finicky sometimes.  I have found it LOVES big words and long technical and medical words. It's the l ...

    by Jeff Moody
    Saturday, 14 May 2016
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